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Rodeo Rap

See what is biting in the October fishing tournament.

Ladies and Gentlemen…#1182

The last entry for the 60th Annual Destin Fishing Rodeo was #1182, a historic first as the Rodeo has never had more than 909 entries in the past. Bruce Cheves, resident historian for the Rodeo and Weigh Master explained. He added that the tournament was started to extend the fishing season in Destin and began as a three-day event; progressed to a 7-day event and with time became the month-long 31-day-event that it is now. The last fish came in… Read More »

Laisse les Bons temps roulez!

Bruce said in some of his fish talk, “stick around this place is gonna turn into Mardi Gras” and within minutes the “Lady Em” backs in and a party exploded! Her crew and anglers were decked in Halloween regalia and threw t-shirts and tons of beads. Most made it to the waving arms of the crowds others fell into Davy Jones’ locker. Captain Michael Eller had a blast with the crew and applauded Miss Destin for her annual fishing trip… Read More »

One for the wall

The Anglers and Crew of the “Sure Lure” pulled into the Weigh-In and brought out several fish to weigh but none took the lead. Until the dolphin…all in fun they had Bruce lean over the boat where he declared, “That’s the biggest fish I’ve seen today!” Hauling it up on the scale the crowd roared with laughter as Bruce declared “the time is 5:34 and the fish weighs 8.8 lb!” It was perfect for a brightly painted metal wall mount!… Read More »

Youngest Trick or Treater

Lucus Hart was an adorable land shark for the final night of the Destin Fishing Rodeo. The seven-week-old was enjoying his first Halloween with his mom, Lisa and his pacifier. His 15-year-old brother, Andrew was leading the Swordfish division with a 94.0 lb monster.

Going to the Dogs!

Sarah the Pumpkin dog was one of the many canine friends who joined their masters at the dock this Rodeo. She was a Jack ‘O Lantern for Halloween. Fred and Michelle Landy brought their pugs, Karma and Luna for the costumed fun as well!

Costumes and Conversations

Jay and Betty Coppic were Royalty at the Weigh-In tonight. The Destin couple dressed as the King and Queen of Hearts and took a place of importance in front of the Leader Board to watch the fun. Betty says they love dressing for the last night of the Rodeo every year. Will and Sara, Bartenders from AJs were crowd pleasers tonight!

Fish and fun!

The last night of the 60th annual Destin Fishing Rodeo brought a beautiful sunset and hundreds of people! The weighmaster Bruce Cheves was a handsome Master of Ceremonies in a classic tuxedo, fresh rose boutineer, boots and a black fedora. Miss Destin, Leah Stuart, dressed as Bruce! She wore Bruce’s name tag, his classic bandana on her head, and sported his beard painted on. He didn’t have anything on her as she wore boots and spurs much like he has… Read More »

The Log caught a couple of locals

The last day of the 60th annual Destin Fishing Rodeo is going out with probably the most beautiful day thus far. It was a little slow at the docks, but a judge said that plenty of boats are out and will likely be back in time for the final weigh-in of the Rodeo. So far, weighmaster Bruce Cheves has weighed in two king mackerel, one snapper and a 6.6 pound red fish brought in by Destinites Joe Young and Buddy… Read More »